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Summit Church is led by our Elder Steve Dozier and a committee.

there is also a finance board (consisting of the elders and Wes Browning). The elder board and the finance board lead Summit Church with advice and direction from the congregation through informal and formal meetings.

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Steve Dozier
​Elder, Summit Church Montrose

Steve was born In Van Nuys, CA, and has lived in Alaska, Oregon, Arizona, and Lake City, Colorado. Steve’s first wife passed away in 1987, leaving him with two young children. He remarried Cindy in 1989; they  have four grown children and eight grandchildren. 

Steve has been an integral part of Summit Church for over two years. He was voted on and installed as an elder in July of 2023. Steve was an elder in a previous church and brings a wealth of church and life experience. Steve has discipled men for many years and is excited to have input in the direction of the church and be involved in the lives of the many people that God is sending to Summit.

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